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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Charlotte’s Web Novel Study Resources Graphic Organizers Common Core”

by James Whitaker
2nd - 6th Grade

Charlotte’s Web Unit Resource Freebie

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Product/Materials Preface [Grades 2-6]

This English Language Arts Unit Resource Freebie is part of my 230+ Ppage Unit Resource Mega Study and celebrates the classic children’s novel Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. Every teacher in America is familiar with this novel because it is endearing, timeless, and unforgettable. It is the quintessential tale of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice. Please enjoy this 19-page set of freebies. Materials include:

Pg. 5: Chapter and Character Overview
Pg. 6: Character Description Blurb GO
Pg. 7: Minor Character Description Burb GO
Pg. 8: Synopsis and Title Analysis GO for Chapters 1 and 2
Pg. 9: In-depth Synopsis and Title Analysis Graphic Organizer for Any Chapter
Pg. 10: Author Card – E.B. White
Pg. 11: Illustrator Card – Garth Williams
Pg. 12: Recalling Facts and Details – Wilbur’s Slops
Pg. 13: Recalling Facts and Details – Templeton at the Dump
Pg. 14: Recalling Facts and Details – Charlotte’s Insect Diet
Pg. 15: Thinking Creatively – Charlotte’s Children’s Journey
Pg. 16: Thinking Creatively – Create a Story about one of Charlotte’s Cousins
Pg. 17: Comparing and Contrasting – a Spider’s Egg Sac vs. a Bird’s Egg
Pg. 18: Evaluating Text – Charlotte’s Love for Wilbur [Advanced]
Pg. 19: Evaluating Text – Charlotte’s Love for Wilbur [Intermediate]
Pg. 20: Math Connection – Fern and Avery’s budget at the County Fair
Pg. 21: Recalling Facts and Details – Templeton and the Goodies at the County Fair
Pg. 22: Comparing and Contrasting – Wilbur vs. Uncle
Pg. 23: Recalling Facts Details – Who’s Going to the County Fair

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**This unit resource also works well with Upper Grade SpEd and ELL students with a focus on Conflict, Symbolism, and Theme. The words are easy to read but the content is very rich!**

The 230+ Page Unit Resource Mega Study includes:


1: Chapter and Character Overview
2: Character Description Blurb GO
3: Minor Character Description Burb GO
4-14: Synopsis and Title Analysis GO ~ 2/pg.
15: In-depth Synopsis and Title Analysis Go
16: Full-Color E.B. White Author Card Biography
17: Full-Color Garth Williams Illustrator Card Biography
18: Full-Color Creature Feature Cut-outs for Mini Science Research Report
19-28: 2-Page Mini Science Research Report in 5 Colors
29-32: Recording Facts and Opinions GO in 4 Colors
33-34: Letter Writing Template in 2 Styles > Antique and Scroll
35-40: 6 Pages of Resources for Stamp and Envelope Designing
41: Major Character Picture Cut-Outs
42: Who’s Your Favorite Wilbur? Picture Cut-Outs
43-44: 2 Pages of Farm Animal Picture Cut-Outs
45-46: 2 Pages of Award Ribbon Cut-Outs > Black, Red, and Blue
47: Charlotte’s Eulogy Writing Template
48: Response to Literature Template
49-52: Newspaper Article Writing Template in 4 Colors
53: Caring for Newborn Babies/Pigs Narrative Procedure Writing Activity
54: Narrative Procedure Open-Ended Writing Template
55: Charlotte’s Eating Habits Narrative Procedure Writing Activity
56: Chores Living on a Farm vs. Chores Living at Home Writing Activity
57-58: Clip-Board Writing Response Template
59-62: Character Reflection Response to Literature Writing Activity for all 1 for Each of the 4 Major Characters
63: Notebook Themed Open-Ended Character Reflection Response to Literature
64-69: Response to Literature Literary Element Focus > Theme, Symbolism, Setting, Problem/Solution, Conflict Resolution, Plot—Writing Templates
70-76: Loose-Leaf Themed Templates for Comparing and Contrasting, Character Analysis, Persuasive Writing, Open-Ended Response to Literature Culminating Task, and 3-Point Rubric Essays
77-78: Novel to Film Compare and Contrast Essay Template
79: Making Predictions Writing Activity > Wilbur and Charlotte’s Daughters
80-85: Spiral Paper Themed Writing Templates > Making Predictions, Making Inferences, Narrative Account, Response to Literature, Informational Report
86: Creative Writing Activity > Writing a Scene for a Possible Sequel
87: Creative Writing Activity > The Adventures of Charlotte’s Children
88-89: Spiral Paper Theme Open-Ended Creative Writing Template
90-91: Setting GO
92: Recording Text Based Details/2-Point Rubric Response GO Template
93-94: Literary Element Storyboard GO and Response Template
95: Chapter Synopsis Sequence Order GO
96-99: Simple Plot GO in 2 Colors and Styles
100-101: Major Events Chapter and Novel Timeline
102: Open-Ended Character Trait GO
103-104: Character Trait Go in 2 Stlyes > Fern, Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton
105: Character Reflection Response GO > Wilbur & Charlotte’s Relationship
106-107: Identifying Figurative Language GO in 2 Styles
108-110: Classifying Parts of Speech GO in 3 Styles
111: Vocabulary and Word Work GO
112: Synonym and Antonym GO
113: Common and Proper Nouns GO
114: Concrete and Abstract Nouns GO
115: Identifying Subjects and Predicates GO
116: Classifying Sentence Types GO
117: Identifying Imagery GO
118: 5 Ws GO
119: Making Text Connections GO
120-126: Character Comparisons and Contrasts T-Charts in 6 Styles
127: Novel to Film T-Chart
128: Using Mature Vocabulary GO > Synonyms
129: Using Mature Vocabulary GO > Antonyms
130: Using Mature Vocabulary GO > Dialogue Tags
131: Name Origins Creative Activity > Charlotte’s Children
132: Name Origins Complete Modeled Sample
133: Name Origins Research GO
134: Colorful Spring Time Scenery [Can be used with Cut Outs]
135-136: Dialogue Recognition and Analysis GO
137-140: Indirect Characterization [STEAL] GO
141-143: Vocabulary Cards Cut-Out Activity
144-145: Conflicts and Obstacles Wilbur Faces Response GO
146: Charlotte’s Web Theme Introduction for Teacher and Students [can be used as a Mini-Lesson or Handout]
147: Abstract Concepts for Theme Analysis [Poster or Handout]
148-150: Universal Theme Response GO in 3 Styles
151-152: Universal Theme Response GO > Human and Animal Nature
153-156: Recalling Important Facts and Details GO in 4 Styles
157-160: Remembering Important Quotes GO in 4 Styles
161-164: Abstract Concept and Theme Mini Response Cards
165: Setting Response Card
166-171: 6 Stages of Plot [Exposition, Complication, Rising Action, Climax Falling Action, and Resolution] Response Cards > 1 Color for Each
172-174: Conflict Response Cards > Character Against Character, Self, and Society
175-176: Universal Theme Response Cards in 2 Colors
177-180: Making Text Connections Response Cards > Self, Text, World, Media
181-186: Bloom’s Taxonomy [Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation] Response Cards > 1 Color for Each
187-188: Reality and Fantasy Response Cards
189: 6 Stages of Plot GO
190-191: Synonym and Antonym Relationship Web GO in 3 Styles
192: Character Trait GO
193-194: Parts of Speech GO in 2 Styles
195: Making Text Connections GO
196: Setting GO
197: Charlotte A. Cavatica Character Trait GO
198: Spider-Web Character Trait GO [can be used as Name Tags]
199-202: In-Depth Character Analysis Cards in 4 Styles
203: Venn Diagram > Rural vs. Urban Life
204: Venn Diagram > Open-Ended for any Character
205-206: Analyzing Characters GO in 2 Styles
207: Tri-Part Character Compare/Contrast GO > Fern, Wilbur, Charlotte
208-211: Character Transition GO in 4 Styles > Fern, Wilbur, Charlotte, Templeton
212-230: Various Graphic Organizers and Response Templates

Please feel free to ask any questions—I will definitely respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.
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