Sunday, October 6, 2019

FREE MATH LESSON - “FREE Funny MATH Posters set”

by Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen
5th - 12th Grade

Free- please leave feedback! This set includes 10 Math-related posters that you can print at any size to decorate your classroom! Who doesn't love a good Math pun!
The set includes:
  • Why was the Obtuse angle so hot? It was over 90 degrees!
  • I’m so good a Algebra that I could replace your and you wouldn’t even know .
  • If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one!
  • Parallel lines have so much in common… it’s a shame that they’ll never meet.
  • Never argue with a 90 degree angle. It’s always right.
  • Too much (pie symbol) gives you a large circumference.
  • 98% of statistics are made up.
  • Math teaches us that there is every reason to believe that every problem has a solution.
  • There is fine line between numerator and denominator.
  • I see you have graph paper- you must be plotting something!
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