Monday, September 23, 2019

Using Project-Based Learning activities in Math

Project-Based Learning Math activities help students connect math skills they are learning to real-world situations. 
    My PBL Math Activities Bundle comes with 4 sets.  Students will use a variety of math skills to help them complete these activities. These PBLs are great for culminating activities after a unit, for end of year review, and for a fun project right before a holiday or spring break!  Recommended grade levels are 4th-5th, but they would also great for review for 6th graders.

  • How to Change a Recipe- allows students practice multiplying by whole numbers and fractions.  There is also info to help teachers expand the activity to have student's price out the ingredients.
  • How to Budget for a Classroom Party- allows students practice in multiplication, addition with money and problem solving.
  • How to Stay within Budget at the Grocery Store- allows students practice with money, multiplication, addition, subtraction and percentage (taxes).
  • How to Play a Trip- allows students practice with elapsed time, multiplication, percentage (taxes and percent increase), multiplying by fractions, addition and problem solving.

Each set can also be purchased individually, click on each name above for further info and a link to each product.

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 Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen

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