Friday, September 13, 2019

Greek & Latin Roots

Greek & Latin Roots Set

Help students improve their vocabulary recognition by introducing Greek & Latin Roots.  
This interactive notebook & poster set Includes:
-suggested use/ directions
-30 different Greek/Latin root cards
-Greek/ Latin Root of the Week Poster
-Card pocket for Interactive Notebooks
-word cards

This set was designed to be used using Greek & Latin root word sets that are found in the book: Greek & Latin Roots-Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Reading Comprehension by Trisha Callella . Since the vocabulary words in this book are copyrighted, they could not be included in this product. However, 30 Greek/ Latin roots are included. It is very easy to do an internet search to come up with vocabulary words that go with the given root words. My suggestion is to pull 8-10 words from each root to create your own lists. Another option is to have students work in groups to research their own words and meaning to write on the provided vocabulary cards.

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 Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen

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