Monday, September 9, 2019

FREE Math Lesson: How to Play Scoot

 FREE Scoot recording sheet & directions
A great way for students to practice a concept is to play a game!  One game my students love is SCOOT!  This game is so versatile- you it with any set of task cards you have.  Especially great for review before a quiz.  Click on the image above for a link to this FREE product.  Directions are included.

How to Play SCOOT
A set number of task cards (in number order); One SCOOT recording sheet per student.

The teacher places task cards on desks or around the room in number order. Students move from
one card to another answering the questions on the cards.

Students start with whatever number card that is front of them. The teacher uses a timer and
gives the class a set amount of time to answer their card before he/ she shouts- SCOOT!
When this happens, students rotate to the next card following a set pattern around the room.
(You’ll want to practice rotating a few times before you begin playing!).

After the learners have rotated and are back in at the card they started at, the teacher can go over the
answers with the students or collect the answer sheets.

Need some task cards to practice math skills?  Try some of these (click on the images for direct links to the products):
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