Monday, May 20, 2019

FREE summer reading for you and your own children

Get ready to be entertained while you educate your children.  Woody's World -the story of a boy during the Great Depression is a fictionalized account of my father's escapades growing up in Princeton, New Jersey, as his family went from comfort to poverty in a few short months.  Beginning with his carefree life with his friends, Woody's World takes readers on a trip through 1929 and 1930 as Woody evolves into a responsible member of the family while his father travels away from home to find work.  Sometimes his adventures are a bit dangerous, sometimes involve political commentary as his friend becomes hurt by Jim Crow Laws, and at other times they are funny. Picture an overturned train loaded with live pigs while Woody tries to bring one home so he can have real meat for dinner - yes this actually happened! In fact 90% of the events depicted in this book actually happened.  See my listing for a complete list of topics covered.

I offer this FREE to my teacher friends for your summer enjoyment, but also so you can see how this might be used in your classroom.  I have developed a complete 8-week learning guide for differentiated instruction that will help you to develop interesting plans and activities for your students.  The learning guide is available HERE.

After you run this valuable resource through your board (if necessary), the paperback books are available directly from me for $8.00 each plus shipping.  For more information, contact me through my store, All-American Teacher Tools (click on Ask a Question) - just trying to eliminate spamming from my email this way!


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