Tuesday, March 12, 2019

There’s something about shape writing that inspires one
to write, write, write! Whether it’s to practice spelling
words or number facts, vocabulary words or describing words,shape writing in the classroom is a win-win.
Kite/word kite- write words/phrases that relate to kites
Kite/word March- write words/phrases about March
Shamrock/word green- words that stand for green things
Shamrock/words lucky for- words about appreciation
Shamrock/words lucky things- words that name symbols of
luck and things people do to be “lucky”
Meadow & rainbow/words St. Patrick’s Day- words that describe St.
Patrick’s Day **
Flower field & rainbow/word spring- words that describe spring**
** some student coloring
Leprechaun hat/word leprechaun-words to describe a leprechaun
Blank templates- pgs. 14-17- use these for anything you like...number facts, spelling words, vocabulary, listing, categorizing, etc.

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