Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dear Teacher, I Can Make Your Life Easier Because Learning's in Boom!

Dear Teachers,

Learning's in Boom!  Boom Learning, that is!  If you're a teacher (and why else would you be reading this?), you're busy.  Maybe . . . TOO busy!  Boom Learning could make your life easier, and you really should look into it.  As schools move more and more to IEP and self-paced learning, blending paper/pen activities with computer-based activities becomes imperative.  This is where Boom comes in:  At Boom, teacher authors offer digital practice and assessment products that you 
  1. Don't have to print.
  2. Don't have to copy.
  3. Don't have to cut.
  4. Don't have to collate.
  5. Don't have to organize and store.
  6. Don't even have to grade! (The grades come to you!)
If this is beginning to sound interesting, take a look here.

I realize many teachers have already heard about Boom, but I also know that there are many who have not.  Since the products are created by teacher authors, Boom allows them to be sold in Teachers Pay Teachers stores.  Be careful that you purchase printables if you want printables and digitals if you want digitals.  Most Boom products on TPT are marked with this logo:  
When you buy a Boom product at TPT, you will receive a download that looks like a preview of your product.  It will prominently post a button, which, when clicked, will take you to your product at Boom!  If you have not yet created an account with Boom, you will be asked to do so.  (I literally can't remember acquiring my account just last year, so it must have been pretty painless.) Once you have an account, you can create a class and begin assigning Boom practices and assessments.  If you're thinking, "Ugh.  Another account," see that magnificent list of the 6 things above that you DON'T have to do in order to deliver this learning to your students or to acquire documentation.  BOOM IS AWESOME!!!!! 

I've developed a few products at Boom myself.  Some of the math products are for itty-bitties, and several are for upper elementary.  Check them out here.

By the way, in my store at TPT, the first dozen downloads of any new product are free.  Followers are the first to know about new product posting, so clicking the Follow Me button here would be a great idea for anyone interested in receiving carefully crafted, standards specific printable or digital classroom materials for free.  In addition, the first 10 followers who email me a screenshot of ratings for any product will also receive gratis any unbundled product they want from my store, Teaching's a Joy!  (No, I won't spam you, and I don't even know how to begin to profit by collecting data on you.)

Right now, the following two products are free at Boom via my TPT store:

If you've EVER heard yourself say, "Please learn your math facts!" this product is for you, and more are on the way.  

I hope Boom makes your life easier!  Teachers deserve every break we can get, especially breaks that lead to learning!

Have a lovely day,

Sally Phillips
Teaching's a Joy!

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