Thursday, March 28, 2019

Earth Day Save Our Species:Birds-A Reading, Writing, Craft Resource

I'm a bird lover, and if you live in New England, bird lovers like myself really appreciate the return of many different birds in the spring. If you don't take much notice of birds, you should! They are fascinating and beautiful creatures. Their colors, antics, and songs bring much joy to our days (and nights!). However, we shouldn't take their presence for granted. I've lived through times when American eagles were nearly extinct and north eastern bluebird populations drastically decreased (in the Northeast). We were able to regain the status of these birds to no longer being threatened, thank goodness! Still, there is a problem for other bird species who have made the "threatened " or "endangered" lists.  In keeping with the 2019  Earth Day theme, Protect Our Species, I put together this resource to educate and bring awareness  to the "bird situation". Hopefully, this will motivate your students to become advocates of the flora and fauna of this earth. Informational and creative!

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