Tuesday, March 5, 2019


 The Fact Family Flip It! Mega Bundle also includes the Fact Family Flip It! Celebration Kit!


The first dozen downloads of each new product in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers are free!

Here is my newest product.  The kit includes 10 separate products, each sold for $2.50 each.  The bundle will be priced at $17.00, but, for the moment it is FREE!  If you are one of the first dozen people to download it, you win!  Additionally, the first ten followers who email me a screenshot of a new product's rating will receive their choice of any unbundled item from my store for free.  Please email ratings to me at teachingsajoy@gmail.com with Dozen Downloads in the subject line.  (You have my promise that I neither know how to, nor would I ever do anything evil with anybody's email.)

Kids have to learn their basic math facts. Why shouldn't they have fun and bond with family and friends while they learn them? Fact Family Flip It! is fun like Uno is fun!
This product includes all of the following:
  • All 9 of my Fact Family Flip It! sets, each with
      • 96 individual fact expression, product, and quotient cards
      • A multiplication chart for that specific set of facts
      • A fact family sheet for even easier assistance while learning
      • Scorecards
  • Two 8.5 x 11" gameboards that reinforce academic vocabulary
  • One 16 x 22" gameboard that reinforces academic vocabulary, with instructions for creating
  • Ideas on teaching the academic vocabulary of math
  • Tons of ideas on academic differentiation and game play variation
  • The Fact Family Flip It! Celebration Kit
Save money. More importantly, save sanity. Played with regularity, this product WILL increase fact fluency in your students. (You might even ask your families to pay for this bundle. These make great at-home kits--the answer to the parents perennial question, "What can I do to help my child?")
This product is a printable. Buyers will want to organize each set as it is printed. I like placing the title page for each set in its own clear page protector and storing the game cards, help sheets and charts, and scorecards with it. The large gameboard can be rolled, folded, or stored flat.
Create the Fact Family Flip It! Celebration Kit posters and sticker-buttons in advance, and celebrate the kids immediately as they attain each goal, or save up for an assembly! You can’t go wrong when you celebrate success!
Celebration Kit includes
Poster PDFs
  • Small Class Success Tracker
  • Large Class Success Tracker
  • Individual Student Trackers
Sticker PDFs (11 pages)
  • 2” Honor Badges
  • 2” Help Me Learn My ___’s
  • Small Success Trackers
Note: If you want to print on stickers, you'll need Avery 12 sheet 22817 and Avery 20Presta 94507. 

I hope you're have a great pre Spring Break week or weeks!  

Sally Phillips
Teaching's a Joy!

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