Sunday, September 10, 2017

Country Research Project 6-8 CCSS Aligned with Differentiated Options

This is a NO PREP project! Students gain and apply skills by working on a long project. They complete an in-depth inquiry into a specific topic. Students love the choice option! Students can write a 7 paragraph research report or the graphic organizer can be used in place of the report for differentiated instruction.

*6-8th Grade Common Core Aligned.
*You can choose with and without Common Core State Standards on your requirements page.
*There are reference choices for the MLA, APA, and CMS formats.
*There are representation/dress up/artifact, tri-fold, and float versions as options for this project.
*Great for mixed or leveled classes to give students differentiated instruction.  
*Requirements and guidelines are detailed and organized. 
*Students know exactly what to research with the outline.
*Students will write a 7 paragraph research report.
*Gives students a choice for their artifact.
*Practical and easy to understand rubrics for teachers, parents, and students.
*Permission slip to inform parents.
*Easy scoring on a 10 points each category out of 100 points for the rubrics. Or the rubric totals up to 100 points.
*Zip folder contains 3 PDFs and 1 PowerPoint.
*Aligned with Common Core State Standards.ELA-LITERACY.WHST.6-8.2, WHST.6-8.4,WHST.6-8.5,WHST.6-8.6,WHST.6-8.7,WHST.6-8.8,WHST.6-8.9, SL.6-8.4,SL.6-8.5,SL.6-8.6, RH.6-8.1,RH.6-8.7,RH.6-8.8,RH.6-8.9, W.6-8.2, W.6-8.7,W.6-8.8

The way I use it... 
Students enjoy this project! This is a 2-3 month project. Each class is different and each year is different; therefore, I can't do everything the same each time I teach the same subject. I give each student a three pronged folder with the packet inside. As I scaffold and model the information to my students,  

Additionally, for the modified Country Project, choose what you need to use from the selection. All the resources in the PDF are not duplicates. They are additional resources or have been modified to meet student needs.

Happy Teaching! 

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