Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter STEM Challenge: Nice Nest

Q: Aside from the obvious, what can one do with toilet paper?

A: Build a nice nest, of course!

In this STEM design challenge, students work against a Criteria & Constraints list to build a nest of highest possible capacity using primarily super-cheap TP.  Kids love this one because it's a little silly, really challenging, and a lot of fun!  Inspiration sometimes comes from the strangest places!  It's up to you whether to stay true to the suggested materials or branch out and do as the birds do, searching the ground for supplemental nest materials.

You can take this idea and run with it on your own, or you can find more support in the prepared lesson challenge or in the Easter STEM Olympics blog:

  • Materials List
  • Criteria & Constraints List
  • Discussion questions
  • Design analysis handouts
  • Modifications to increase/decrease difficulty for grades 2 - 8
  • Post-design extension ideas in the prepared lesson challenge

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