Thursday, March 31, 2016


by Miss S's Sixers
5th - 7th Grade

Decimal Frenzy is a timed game that let's student practice decimals and helps them solve problems faster.

This version is for Common Core Standard: 6.NS.3. All operations of decimals is reviewed in this game. Also: 5.NBT.7 and 7.NS.1 

Students work in groups of 5 to solve the problem on each card. Each team member needs to solve the problem on the card before the time is up. If 5 members got the answer correct, the team gets 5 points. If 4 members get the answer correct, the team gets 4 points and so forth.

There are 6 cards for each set!

Each set of cards has answers that you can copy on the back of the cards. Directions for this is in the product.

**The full version of this product is here.

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