Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Stem Challenge: Bean Bind

Q: What happens when there's a mix up at the bean factory just days before Easter?

A: The Easter Bunny has a bean bind that only a STEM design challenge can fix!

Can your students help the Easter Bunny out of this bean bind?  In this challenge, students work against a Criteria & Constraints List to design a way to sort the beans. With younger students, you may elect to use jelly beans and one other type. With older students, challenge them with two or more other types of beans.

You can take this idea and run with it on your own, or you can find more support in the prepared lesson challenge or Easter STEM Olympics Blog:

  • Materials list
  • Criteria & Constraints List
  • Design Analysis handouts
  • Modifications to increase/decrease difficulty for grades 2 - 8
  • Post-design extension ideas

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