Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Number the Stars

Lois Lowry's novel Number the Stars is a fascinating novel that everyone needs to read. On Teacher Pay Teacher, novel studies for this book are plentiful, so one can find a great bargain on my literary unit.

You may buy this unit in Active Software for use with the Promethean Board; however, this is sold as mini flipcharts with a few chapters bundled together.

This unit balloons at 183 pages complete with questions on comprehension, higher level thinking, and achievement type questions. One will also find vocabulary building, research, and other activities in the unit, but best of all is the price. This complete unit sells for only $7.16 from now until my sale ends on June 4th. What a bargain! I've priced this book unit at a lot cheaper price than my other units due to supply and demand.

I also have a fraction worksheet related to Number the Stars. Here is a close up snapshot so that one can see the questions. It's on sale for only 90¢!

Please stop by my store between now and June 4th to find 10% off!

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