Friday, June 5, 2015

Spanish Father's Day- Students Make a Father's Day Trophy Card- Dia del Padre

Spanish Father's Day- 

Students Make a Father's Day Trophy Card

Día del Padre

Make a beautiful Trophy Card for Father's Day with your students. 

This exciting lesson has a beautiful cover page of a trophy in Spanish .

1. Print the cover page in white cardboard.
 2. Go over the 15 Why I love you dad sentences. Porque te quiero papa...
 3. Have students write on the back of the card the phrases they selected. They need to select at least eight of the sentences. They have to copy them to the back of the card in Spanish. Great adjective review. 

4. Complete 20 words Spanish Word Search- Split students into small teams. Have teams compete to find the meaning of the words for a classroom pass. Have them compete to find the words and provide another homework pass. Great way to review adjectives cognates and have a wonderful day celebrating Father's Day in your class. 
Encourage them to memorize some sentences. It will be cool for them to say something to their dads in Spanish. Great way for you to show parents some of the vocabulary words learned and speaking competencies. 

Enjoy your cards!


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