Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fun Awards Certificates

A fantastic set of 30 fun certificates that can be awarded to students at the end of the year. This set comprises of a range of different awards from comical to sincere. Ideal for recognizing and celebrating children's individuality!

Certificates include: Biggest Smiler; Drama Queen; Classroom Comedian; Amazing Artist; Most Organized; Perfect Friend; Positive Attitude; Awesome Athlete; Mood Lifter; Most Improved; Curious Mind; Lively Personality; Attentive Listener; The Student’s Student; Hardest Worker; Impeccable Manners; Ravenous Reader; Peaceful Person; Thoughtful Thinker; Most Helpful; Wonderful Writer; Time Keeper; Problem Solver; Class Clown; Fashion Expert; Class Enthusiast; Independent Learner; Team Player; Teacher Advisor; Fantastic All Rounder.

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