Tuesday, August 15, 2023

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free High Frequency Words in Sentences to Read and Write”

by Growing Smart Readers
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

100 Fluency sentences: The first 200 high frequency words have been put into simple sentences to help your students read fluently and with automaticity.

Use for daily practice...or...for 100th Day!

Make your 100th day a fun fluency day, reading both the first and second hundred words in sentences.

For reading and writing:

This resource is best used for students who need practice reading smoothly, or need practice with phrasing. This is helpful for practicing writing sentences. Sometimes just copying sentences is good practice.

Students build confidence, fluency, automaticity while reading these basic sentences.

Reading high frequency words in context is meaningful and will help many students learn more quickly. Reading words in isolation is good practice, but reading them in sentences helps them "hear" syntax, grammar, and expression in words...thereby facilitating comprehension.

This is a NO FRILLS pack of task cards with very simple, basic sentences using mostly the first 200 hundred words, with a few nouns added to make some sentences less repetitive. The cards (or pages if you choose not to cut out the cards) are intended to be read quickly and accurately. For writing, they can be used for dictation.

These high frequency words (derived from Fry's list) are necessary in order to become fluent readers. First grade students who can read these words with automaticity will have less difficulty reading more complex text. Reading in sentences, or in context, is more engaging than reading words in isolation.

A certificate of completion is included!

Kids receive a certificate for successfully reading 100 sentences with fluency!

To make this set more appealing, print on white or brightly colored paper.

Laminate for long-lasting use. For your literacy center or for individual use, I suggest punching a hole in each of the cards and attaching them to a ring. (It’s been my experience that students feel a sense of ownership and a reading goal if they have their own set held by a ring to practice.)

These are simple sentences, but you can be creative by printing on colored paper. Use them in different ways as mentioned above.* You‘ll find that you can incorporate these cards in different ways to supplement your lessons.

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