Thursday, June 17, 2021

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Truth or Dare virtual escape room break out freebie”

by Kathleen Applebee
6th - 12th Grade

Recommended Ages/ target audience: upper elementary through adults; can be used as an intergenerational activity.

Ideal Group Size: 4-5; Suggested Time: 10 minutes introduction, 60 minutes playing time. Wrap up and reflection questions will add more time.

STORY: Everyone thought it was just a simple little game of truth or dare when a stranger entered the game, acting like he knew one of the players, But instead, it was the Father of Lies and your group landed in a dare of horrible proportions. You have less than an hour to escape this maze or else! Use what you know about truth and the Bible to unlock the locks because only the truth will set you free.

Included are links to introductory video and website for answer input, clues, directions, hints, and reflection questions.

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