Saturday, March 21, 2020

FREE MATH LESSON - “Tiling - 2 digit x 1 digit Multiplication Puzzle - FREE”

by Raki's Rad Resources
3rd - 6th Grade

Are you looking for a creative new way to have your students practice multiplication? Try Tiling! In Tiling activities, students will use the provided "digit tiles" to place the numbers 0 - 9 to fill in the holes left in provided multiplication equations. While trying to figure out where the missing numbers go, students will work on basic facts, properties of multiplication and problem solving skills. Simple and easy to use as a homework assignment or a math center.

This resource is appropriate for US English and UK English. This resource meets the following standards:

US Common Core Standards: 4.NBT.B.5

UK National Curriculum: KS2 - Ma2.3.h, KS2 - Ma2.3.j

The Australian Curriculum: ACMNA100

The Ontario Curriculum: Grade 4 Math - Number Sense and Numeration

The Revised National Curriculum of South Africa: Learning Outcome 1 - Numbers, Operations and Relationships - Grade 4, Learning Outcome 1 - Numbers, Operations and Relationships - Grade 5

This is just one puzzle, which will ALWAYS remain FREE. Find a pack of 10 puzzles like this by clicking HERE .

This puzzle can also be found in my Multiplication & Division Tiling Puzzle Bundle which includes:
Basic Multiplication Facts
Multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers
Multiplying 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers
Basic Division Facts Long Division

Additionally available in my store is the Addition & Subtraction Tiling Puzzle Bundle, which includes:
Basic Addition Facts
Addition with Regrouping
Basic Subtraction Facts
Subtraction with Regrouping
Addition & Subtraction Mixed - with Regrouping

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