Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hi Y'all!

Sally Phillips from Teaching's a Joy! here.  I wanted to share with other teacher authors some items I made to make creating TpT Conference 2019 scheduling easier.  (I registered Friday and felt overwhelmed when I found out that registration also meant choosing my sessions from a loooooonngg--wonderful, but long--list.)  The price on registration is set to go up February 12th according to something I read and can't find at the moment.

Hope these are helpful to you!  The "Working Agenda" comes in editable and uneditable form. The spreadsheet's ugly, but I found it really useful to see which sessions repeated and when.  I spent quite a bit of time Friday afternoon narrowing down the choices and creating my schedule.  What worked best for me was printing out the spreadsheet and crossing out the rows for sessions that I didn't think would apply to me first, and then choosing from there.  If you have any questions, let me know at

As always, happy teaching!

Teaching's a Joy!


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