Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dear Future Followers,

Thank you for clicking the Follow Me button at the top of my shop on TpT!  That little effort is about to pay off in a big way, I hope:  The first DOZEN downloads of every new product in my store will now be free to followers.  Additionally, the first ten raters who send a ratings screenshot to me at will receive directly from me any nonbundled item in my store for free. 

Since you’re about to be a follower, this means good news for you. If you’ve ever wanted one of my products but were tapped out already on your personal school spending--I get it—this is your chance!  Every product in my store that hasn’t yet been downloaded a dozen times is now free.  As soon as I hit the magic number of downloads, the price will be changed.

Also, be one of the first 10 to rate the product fairly, send me a screenshot at with the subject Screenshot Freebie, and earn yourself whatever other unbundled item you request in that note.

Teachers Pay Teachers has been a blessing to me and my family from both sides of the storefront.  Through purchases, it has given me back tons of time that I could spend with my family and friends.  Through sales, it offers me the chance to reach far beyond the walls of my own classroom to, hopefully, enrich the lives of students—and save their teachers that magic “T” word.  (Time is absolutely a teacher’s most prized possession.  NOT all of it should be spent on schoolwork!)

Of course, TpT has also been my “side hustle” and has given me just a teeny bit of financial confidence.  However, since after 5 years of uploading my heart and soul, I’m still only earning a cup or two of coffee each day and need those coffee funds in retirement now more than ever, I’m eagerly looking for ways to boost my sales. 

Did you know that the fewer ratings a product has, the lower it appears in a search result?  Awesome products may be on page 132 of a search!  I don’t know about you, but I never had time to go digging that deeply for an activity.  To make matters worse, a product isn't likely to be accepted for free or paid promotion unless it has ratings.  This seems like a vicious circle to me.  Therefore, I’m hoping that this scheme of mine will be mutually beneficial to buyers and seller alike, so please spread the word about this amazing opportunity!  #FDDF:FirstDozenDownloadsFree


With love,
Sally Phillips

Teaching’s a Joy!

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