Thursday, August 30, 2018

Do You Want Some Free Hands On Task Cards for Addition Facts Within 20?

Why use task cards for addition math facts instead of just printing of a worksheet? 

Kids pay more attention to things they can hold in their hands.  Task cards are more engaging. Kids enjoy using task cards more and when kids enjoy an activity more, they learn more and retain more.  Task cards are so versatile. Click here for a list of 20 Ways to Engage Students with Task Cards.

How can I hold my kids accountable when they are working with task cards?

Require students to use a recording sheet to keep them accountable for their work.  There is a recording sheet included in this set of free task cards.  Students enjoy being able to choose a card out of numerical order and then find the correct space for their answer on the recording sheet. I like to put the task cards in a container and have a rule of three.  The students may choose a card and put it back twice but if they do, they must complete the third card.  Eventually, if you they will complete all or most of the cards, depending on what you require. If you don’t want to use a recording sheet, another idea is to have a snap digital pictures of students’ completed task cards during the transition to your next activity.

Why are clip style cards special?

Students have a chance to develop fine motor skills while they practice addition facts.  Students can clip clothespins onto their answer choices.
They can also mark their answers with
  • ·        paper clips
  • ·        mini erasers
  • ·        math counters
  • ·        beans
  • ·        any small manipulative that you have on hand.

Laminate the cards and students can circle their answer choices with dry erase markers. I hope you and your students enjoy these free task cards. 

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