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Back To School Teaching Resources that Save Time

Back-to-School Teaching Resources that Save Time and Start You Off on an 
Amazing, Best Ever, School Year! 

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Create a Classroom Birthday Graph
Back to School is so exciting and so busy!  Find these teaching resources to help with your start of school year activities and classroom organization...
and save TIME!  

You can find them at my TPT Store - MrsQuimbyReads

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My Writing Checklist for Beginning Writers
Teach Beginning Writers to reread, revise and edit.
 A perfect writing concept to teach early... and now! 
This checklist includes: 
1. quiet worker 
2. reread writing 
3. begin sentences with a capital letter. 
4 sound out words 
5. spell sight words correctly and use word wall 
6. check for spaces between words 
7. use punctuation at end of sentence 
8. add details 
9. words match illustrations. 

10. write 8 sentences or more. 
10. best writing, reread and checked.

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Only One You Reader Response Pages

             Reading aloud to beginning readers is an important literacy practice to encourage and establish a good community of readers and writers.  This book teaches the theme of being unique.  Find these reader response pages at my TPT store and 40 other book companions to teach life lessons with children's literature...  and the list grows everyday! 

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                                         Create a Slideshow for Meet the Teacher Night                                                                                                                     
Are you planning a "Meet the Teacher" night?  Do you possess the characteristics of a good speaker?  Confident, Passionate, Being Yourself, Voice Modulations, Keeping it Short and Sweet, Connecting with Your Audience, Painting a Picture, Being a Storyteller 
You can be all these by preparing that perfect talk with these editable teaching resources for "Meet the Teacher" night. Be prepared and dazzle your parents with this "Meet the Teacher" Brochure and Slideshow.   These teaching resources for "Meet the Teacher" Night are editable and easy for you to implement. Write or type in your information and then just download and print. Being prepared with these teaching resources will allow you to give that awesome talk at "Meet the Teacher" Night... as you click from slide to slide, you will stay on track and deliver the important information you need your parents to know.   The brochure allows student input, design and artwork!  and that is always an attention getter for parents! 

Create a Brochure for Meet the Teacher Night

Enjoy the beginning of your 2018-19 SY and go to to browse the many teaching resources and lesson plans that engage students and save teacher time!  Be sure to look for the many FREEBIES, too!
Over 200 resources !  see teaching resources index 
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