Monday, May 14, 2018

What is the missing number? A Fun Kindergarten Resource

Are you looking for resources to use with Google Drive™ or Google Classroom™? Do you want to build a library of high quality materials?  Do you want to find what you need quickly and easily?  
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I recommend playing this game with the whole group on an interactive white board or in small groups with any device that will operate Google. After students are familiar with the game they will be able to use it during 1 to 1 time or in pairs.  This is a great way to improve the students computer skills while they develop math skills.

We have just added a kindergarten level game for counting and ordering numbers with a little gold miner theme.  In this resource for Google Classroom™ or Google Drive™, students find the missing number in a sequence of 3 numbers. Each slide will have a sequence of 3 numbers using the numbers 1 through 10.The missing number may be the first, second, or third number in the counting sequence. This self correcting interactive Google Classroom™ activity is a fun way to practice the counting sequence. This activity is self paced. You may want to give the students ten counters to use while playing this game. 

Students will click on a symbol on the home page and be taken to a slide with a three number counting sequence. Students will find the missing answer, record their answer, and check their work by touching or clicking their answer. If the student clicks on a correct answer, a slide with “Way to Go!” will pop up. If the student clicks on an incorrect answer a slide with “Try Again, You’ll Get It Next Time” will pop up.

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