Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Fantastic Free Resource

Spend Less Time Preparing Lessons
Are you spending hours each week planning and preparing lessons?  Do you want to save time searching for and creating lesson materials?  Join our Growing Free Resource Library.  Don’t spend time scouring the web for the best online materials to incorporate into your lessons.  Find top quality, printable, hands on materials as well as interactive PowerPoint games and games for use with Google Drive™ and Google Classroom™ that align with grade-level standards to teach and supplement lessons.
We’ve compiled an ever-growing library of resources for teachers, so that all this great content is accessible in one place.  There is a wide range of materials including seasonal and themed resources such as Earth Day, summer and basketball. You’ll find resources of many kinds for math and literacy.  Now you can spend less time searching for and creating your own lesson materials and have more time to enjoy the other parts of your busy life.
Growing Free Library
New resources are added frequently. Subscribe to this totally free library and you will receive an email when new resources are added. Or check back often to find new resources.
Free Printable Classroom Resources
The library has printable task cards in both traditional and clip card styles designed to meet many different math and literacy standards for grades K-2.  When laminated the cards can be used many times by small groups and individuals.  They can also be used year after year.  Students can show their answers in a variety of ways on the clip style cards.  You can choose for your students to mark their answers with paper clips, clothes pins, counters or dry-erase markers. They are great for early finishers, enrichment, review, small group games, centers, and more.
Free Interactive Resources to use with Google Classroom™ and PowerPoint
The self-correcting PowerPoint games work well on interactive whiteboards for whole class instruction.  They also lend themselves to individual practice using any device that runs PowerPoint.  Resources for use with Google Classroom™ and Google Drive™ are also available in the library.  The interactive resources are self-correcting.  They can be used for whole class lessons as well as small groups, centers and stations.  Individuals or small groups of students can play the games as part of computer time.  Once the students have learned the basics of playing these games, these resources can be used as a fun activity for early finishers.
How to Access the Library
The Library is stored in a password protected Dropbox file.  To enter the library, click on the Access the Library link.  Submit your email address, and check for the confirmation email.  After receiving your confirmation email, click on the Learning Harbor logo to be take to the Dropbox file.  Use the password provided in the email to get fabulous free teacher resources. School emails may be blocked by your district.  Please use a personal email.
This library is a windfall for elementary teachers.  Gain access to pre-made, free resources that you can easily incorporate into your lessons, saving you time and money.  It’s all right there…just choose the resource you want, download it and teach!
To see more about the Free Resource Library just click the link below

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