Friday, February 24, 2017

Writing the Argument Essay Complete Unit Bundle + Student Interactive Notebook

Teach BeTween the Lines
Grades 6-12

Teach your students how to write that argument essay with this complete unit bundle! 

What is included: 

1. Complete student interactive notebook (both digital and print) keeps all documents for the unit in one, beautifully designed place. 
2. Lesson on writing a quality, engaging hook (lead) statement with fun, interactive hook stations activity to practice the skill. 
3. Lesson on writing a thesis using the thesis generator I created. This ‘generator’ uses a step by step guide to create an arguable thesis statement in formal writing. 
4. Lesson on in-text citation with valuable note taking documents within the interactive notebook. Teach students to seamlessly incorporate evidence within their paragraphs. 
5. Lesson on crafting an argument with specific graphic organizers for support and strong examples provided with the interactive notebook.
6. Lesson on crafting the counterargument paragraph with the formal 5 point counterargument method. Specific graphic organizers, note taking documents, and strong examples support students as they draft the ideal counterargument paragraph. 
7. Graphic organizers take students through the entire paper. Two sets of organizers are included within this purchase for differentiation. Set A will support younger or struggling writers, while set B will encourage depth and complexity from your stronger, more experienced writers.
8. Rubric for assessment
9. Two beautifully designed class posters: - 5 point counterargument model poster -citing sources poster 
10. Handouts for supporting students with transition words, strong academic language, persuasive language, citing evidence sentence starters, etc. 
11. Google Links Page- digital links to ALL documents for digital classrooms
12. Printable pages for non-digital classrooms
13. Lesson plan/suggestions for teaching

CCSS Aligned:

No Prep Plans

100 pages, 67 Slides

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