Thursday, February 23, 2017

Teach DEBATE with Shakespeare's MACBETH-Lessons, Practice, Graphic Organizers

Teach BeTween the Lines
Grades 9-12+

Everything you need to teach debate with Shakespeare's Macbeth. This complete unit includes 5 lessons:

1. Introduction to controversial, debatable topics within Macbeth
-In-depth class discussion questions
-Mini-debate to engage learners and begin conversations on the text

2. Crafting arguments- the debate way. Introduce this step-by-step method 
for crafting an argument specifically for debate. 

3. Crafting counter-arguments- the debate way. Introduce this simple four 
point method for crafting a counter-argument specifically for refutation in 

4. Introduction to debate- introduces debate skills to students. Students learn 
the why and how of debate, watch several examples, and grade those 
debate examples using the assessment tools that will be applied to their 
debates as well. 

5. Introduction to Public Speaking- a mini-lesson to introduce the most critical 
skills necessary for successful public speaking. 

Your students will be able to take notes on all of these lessons inside of their Google Interactive Notebook. Students will also be able to prepare for their debate with specific graphic organizers for each step of the preparation process. They will also be able to craft their arguments and counter-arguments inside of this digital document with helpful graphic organizers. Additionally, they will be able to self-reflect on their preparation, their group’s preparation and arguments, and the quality of their own arguments. Rubric is included inside of this document for further self-assessment.

A complete debate scoring guide is included so a ‘winner’ can be determined post-debate. 

A complete rubric is included for assessing the quality of each student’s debate skills. 

PowerPoint, Word, and PDF versions are included for every document. This unit will be easy to print and teach as well! 

41 Pages, 51 Slides. 

CCSS Aligned: 

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