Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Interactive HTML5 Science Lessons!

Try of demonstration: 

VOLCANO Interactive HTML5 or click the image 

New Interactive HTML5 Lessons are complete single topic Science lessons that put the student in charge of their own learning.  Concepts are INTRODUCED with interactive elements requiring input from the student and providing immediate feedback based on the student's responses.   Students then EXPLORE to further expand their understanding with Hands-On projects and Lab activities.  Next, students INVESTIGATE by assembling, researching, and completing Infographic pages that serve as a graphic representation of what they have learned and make great additions to their Interactive Notebook!  In the next phase of each lesson, students ELABORATE and COMMUNICATE by collaborating with others to complete a project design to incorporate 21st Century Learning Skills.  Finally, students CHECK THEIR LEARNING by taking a quiz to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts.  The quiz is immediately graded and scored and students get immediate results.  If they do not pass, they can go back and review the lesson and then retake the quiz.

HTML 5 Interactive Lessons will work on any device with an internet connection (Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, etc.) and with the quickstart link and password provided, students can begin immediately with no setup or prep from the teacher (eventually the teacher will need to set up labs and run off copies of activities for students to complete the hands-on activities).  Each lesson comes packaged to allow upload to an LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, Schoology, etc), if desired, and includes instructions, lab setup directions, and answer keys.

To get started instantly, each lesson can be launched from  Just give your students the link and password (provided upon purchase).

Jim Gonyo

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