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FREE MATH LESSON - “Solving Proportions Paper Chain Activity”

by Blue Mountain Math
6th - 10th Grade

Looking for a fun activity that is self=checking, collaborative and practices solving proportions? This is a set of 15 problems that need to be cut apart, reassembled in the correct order and fastened together like a chain until the end is reached.

Each of the links has an equation and an answer to another problem. Students will need to solve for x and then find the answer on another strip. Students can either line up the strips in order before fastening together or attach as they go.

Students begin with the link marked start and continue until they are out of links. If students are struggling, teacher can let students know which is the last link. This is a great warm up to review before a quiz. Works well with partners or a group of 3.

Each of the links also have a letter, teacher can quickly identify student progress by using the check word/phrase . Or teacher can look at the links in order.

To finish the lesson, use the included exit cards, which can be randomly assigned to students to check their understanding. If students have never completed a paper chain before, then having a sample they can see (not look at to see the order) helps them understand what the finished product will look like,


✂Answer Key

✂3 pages of student "chains"

✂18 exit cards

✂Teacher Directions

✂Worksheet for student calculations because showing work in Math Class is always good ☺

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