Saturday, November 27, 2021


by The Teachers Upstairs
6th - 8th Grade

⭐️  Have you ever wondered how to do a brain dump? Or, what is a brain dump exactly?  In this video, we show you how to use a brain dump as a test prep strategy.  We give an example of what a brain dump looks like.


⭐️  This is part of our “PD in 5 Minutes or Less” series

▸ 5 Minute video explaining one way to use a brain dump as a test-taking strategy.

▸ Advantages of using the brain dump as a test-taking strategy

▸ How to construct a brain dump using the NGSS as a guide.

▸ How to introduce the brain dump to your class.

▸ How to incorporate the brain dump in your class using as little as 5-7 minutes a day.


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▸ The Teachers Upstairs

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