Friday, November 19, 2021

FREE MATH LESSON - “3rd Grade Math Spiral Review | Distance Learning | Free Sample”

by Third Grade Triumph
3rd Grade

Daily spiral math review is a perfect way to help your students stay sharp in math. I developed this resource out of a need for a good spiral math review. I was scouring the internet for good spiral sheets, but was always spending so much time searching! Now, I've created this resource to put the endless internet searches to an end.

This resource will be part of a growing bundle to include 36 weeks of daily spiral math review.

Since its a free sample of the first 3 weeks in the THIRD trimester (weeks 25-27).

Currently, this resource includes:

  • Free 3 week sample of daily spiral math review sheets
  • Free 3 week sample of weekly spiral math quizzes
  • Student data tracking sheet
  • Student graphs so they can track their quiz progress
  • Free 3 week sample the THIRD TRIMESTER of 3rd-grade math
  • Includes a digital Google Form version, perfect for distance learning.
  • Pacing guide
  • This can be used as daily homework, morning work, do now, sub work, etc.
  • Give weekly quizzes to hold students accountable for their progress and learning.

This resource is great because...

  • If used as homework/morning Work, it's more predictable & not overwhelming.
  • The quizzes quickly assess students each week without taking up too much time or being overwhelming.
  • Students are exposed to multiple standards every day, keeping their skills sharp.
  • Each week introduces a new standard while still reviewing.
  • The quiz data helps identify skills that need to be retaught.
  • Parents appreciate the consistency of the homework (if using as homework).
  • Teachers can easily see where students are still struggling on a regular basis.
  • Teachers find students need almost NO test-prep before standardized testing when using this resource all year.

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