Saturday, October 30, 2021

FREE MATH LESSON - “Make 10 Friends - an addition game”

by Little Learner Toolbox
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Encourage your students to investigate the combinations that make 10 with this 'Rolling 10' game. Using a ten frame and number strips to explore number bonds that make 10, students will learn in a fun and engaging way. They will roll the die, make the number on the Ten Frame and record "How many more to make 10?'

How to play:

1) The player rolls the die. They cover the number of spaces on the ten frame that they have rolled on the die, by using the number strips.

2) The player then solves - How many more to make 10 friends?

e.g. Player rolls 4. They cover 4 spaces on the ten frame. Player then counts on to figure out ‘how many more do I need to make 10’?

3) The player then records this number sentence on their recording sheet.

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