Thursday, May 21, 2020

Summer on Their Minds Informational Texts and Writing Tasks For End of School Year

ALL ABOUT SUMMER READING AND WRITING: Summer is on their brains so just give in this highly engaging and interesting Informational Text Passage. It is all about summer: why the break is longer, why days are longer, crazy weather, school calendars around the world, etc. Now includes writing connections. This will keep them engaged in the last days of the school year! FREE For Grades 5-8 in PDF OR GOOGLE SLIDES DISTANCE LEARNING

To go with the summer theme, also check out this FREE PDF OR GOOGLE SLIDES short story text with reading questions that explore figurative language and character motives for BULLYING (and the characters who bully end up feeling bad about that's good). WONDERFUL SHORT SCI FI STORY!!! Plus there is a free 30-minute video you can have them compare, which aligns to RL.7.

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