Sunday, April 8, 2018

Earth Day Art and Writing Prompts

  Make Art on Earth Day:  Show in any art form what "Earth Day, Everyday" means to you. Your students can create art and repurpose all the paper materials you can find: construction paper, scrap box, broken crayons, eraser bits, egg shell cartons, string, glue, paper, milk cartons, juice containers, buttons, thread, tissue boxes, old socks
You can make: collage art, trees to celebrate the earth, ocean themed paintings, robots, cities and skyscrapers made with boxes, sock puppets, bird feeders, so many things to create

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Earth Day Art
 Make a chart on the many ways we can recycle, reuse, reduce at home and at school.  Brainstorm the many practices we should include when thinking about caring for the earth. 
Think Globally, but Act Locally 
What does that saying  mean?  Talk about how local people and their actions help everyone.  It's a great idea to make your chart on re-purposed newsprint or newspaper. 
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