Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome! I'm Rose from Rosie's Resources. Are your students busy practicing for state tests? Want to keep them motivated? Here’s a solution.

1.  Photocopy stacks of awards on colored paper. Keep them handy, wherever you’re working with kids—at your desk, at your guided instruction table, etc. Every time kids score 100% on their practice, give them an award.
2.  Let kids know about the awards before they start their practice. They will work hard to earn the certificate!
3.  Keep giving the certificates out. Kids like to collect these. Sometimes they get little competitions going to see who can earn the most.
4.  Differentiate when necessary. For example, you can give an award for improvement.
5.  Assign an early finisher as a helper. He/she can fill in student names while you’re remediating with other kids.

6.  This is a very simple way to communicate with parents. They are so proud when their child comes home with an award!
You may download a free set of awards by clicking here.  Enjoy!

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