Saturday, February 6, 2016

Research Papers: A Love (and hate) Story

About four years ago, I just started teaching at my first Charter School. The senior English teacher quit, so I was asked to grade senior projects, which consisted of a two-page research paper and a five minute presentation. Sure! Two pages? No biggie. GOOD GOD WAS I WRONG.

The first line of the first paper I received went like this, "In my research paper I'm gonna tell you about why you shouldn't be mean to animals." I'll just come back to that one later. 

At first glance, the second research paper looked promising! Then I see the Wikipedia web address at the bottom of the page. Idiot.


The first line of the third research paper I received went like this, "I had did done my resurch papers about makin pot legal." 

Now I know why their teacher quit. 

If they were going to graduate, they needed to know how to write. I made a just-plug-in-your-sentences-outline and made them start over. 

The Wikipedia girl deleted the web address from the bottom of the page, changed the font, and gave me the same thing. Ugh.

The "makin pot legal" guy still had so many grammar issues that I literally had to buy a new pen, BUT it was so much better! 

If you're giving students a research paper, please feel free to use my outline. It's free and in Word format so you can make adjustments. I also recommend that you buy some type of alcohol. 

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