Monday, September 7, 2015

Trending Back to School Items

Even though we've been back at school for a month, now, it's back to school time for many around the country, so here are some of my items that might be helpful to get your school year going.

If grammar is your mission, I have two Grammar Groomers to keep your kids engaged for twelve lessons, each. This first power point works with declarative sentences.
If interrogative or imperative sentences meet your objectives, check this one out:

For just $3.95, these products can't be beat!

If logic is your mission, please check out my logic problems to last the school year.

Problems are also available for younger students.

With 381 products available in my store, I know you'll find something to meet the needs of bright students, so please stop by.

and have a wonderful start to the new school year!

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