Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kindergarten Science Vocabulary Cards

Teaching Kindergarten is awesome!  But when those little ones enter your room they barely understand the concept of a word, let alone able to read a word.  Lucky for you teachers of pre-literate students, students who don't yet speak English or even students who need picture clues to remember vocabulary, I have help!  42 pages of science vocabulary words and pictures to help students remember a whole year's worth of science concepts.  These can go on a word wall, on the unit anchor chart, or even at the writing center.  These come in individual topic sets and also in a whole year long bundle.  Simply click the images below to learn more about each set.

Animals, Birds, Living and Nonliving Things Vocabulary

Matter Vocabulary

5 Senses and the Nature of Science Vocabulary

Space and Weather Vocabulary

*FREE* Plant Vocabulary

Kindergarten Science Vocabulary

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