Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chalkboard Themed Classroom Decor

This has been a labor of love, as I will be using it in my classroom this year.  It full of so many different options including black and white versions for those without access to a color copier.

For those who use Whole Brain Teaching in your classroom, it includes a set of WBT rules, a soccer themed Super Improver Wall kit with three options for signs, and brag tags for each level.  My students loved the Super Improver Team last year and worked really hard for nothing but a sticker on the chart.  They all wanted to become Living Legends by the end of the year.  Next year, I will be using the brag tags as well.  I will simply laminate, cut, and whole punch.

If you are looking for ways to pair your students up for think-pair-share or teach-okay, these desk tags will help you to seamlessly pair them up.  I've included several versions:  letters and numbers, letters only, and numbers only.

These letter and number cards are useful for so many things.  You can print multiple pages on a sheet to make smaller tags.  Some of the tags have outlines to make it easier for cutting.  I am going to use these for my Power Pix grid, but you could use them for word walls or to number materials.  The number sets go up to 30.

I like to label my students lockers and their desks until I get to know them.  These cute nameplates come in a printable and editable version with a boy on one and a girl on the other.

Do you use library pockets for anything?  This set includes a blank, editable pocket, a set with numbers, and a set with classroom jobs.  I also made some number cards that you could put in the job pockets if you number your students.

And, last but not least, I've included some labels.  Some are small for labeling supply tubs.  The rest are larger that I use to label my cabinets and drawers.  You can simply laminate and glue on, you could tape them on, or even use Modge Podge.  I've included some pre-made labels, but also editable sheets to make your own.

If you like what you see here, please check them out in my store.  Chalkboard Classroom Decor.

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