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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Greek and Latin Roots - Word Study Activities | Charts | Assessments Free Sample”

by Fairies and Lesson Plans
4th - 5th Grade

This is a Free Samples of my Greek and Latin Roots Word Study with Reading Comprehension Passages. It contains 2 weeks of Activities, Anchor Charts, and Assessments. It includes all of the resources in my Word Study line for 4th Grade.

**Activities Packet**

Each week in the Activities Packet, two roots are introduced with definitions and examples, word lists, weekly practice activities, and used strategically in short stories. With this resource, you’ll know which roots to teach each week, and you’ll have a variety of activities to help you do so. This Word Study packet makes it quick to plan your lessons, and helps you teach Greek and Latin roots effectively and consistently.

Weekly Activities:

· Roots Chart

· Fill in the Blanks

· Short Stories

· Reading Comprehension Questions

· Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

· Counting Syllables

· Match Words to Meanings

· Sentence Writing

· Spelling

Please note that this resource includes PDFs that can be printed for in person learning and an EASEL by TpT digital option that can be assigned remotely for distance learning. I recommend familiarizing yourself with EASEL before using this resource for Distance Learning and making sure that your school district works with this type of resource.

Resource Highlights:

  • Roots – Two Roots are introduced every week. The whole year is planned for you.
  • Short Stories – Weekly Short Stories that focus heavily on words containing the roots of the week. Students see new vocabulary in context.
  • Activities – Rigorous and purposeful activities designed to increase vocabulary learning.
  • Integration – Reading and Writing activities are integrated throughout the week.
  • Consistency – Consistent weekly format that allows students to become familiar with the activities and promotes independent work.
  • Teacher Tips – All activities are explained and include a suggested teacher script.

How it Works:

  • Mondays – Two Roots are introduced in a chart with definitions examples, and word lists. Then, students complete a Fill in the Blanks activity.
  • Tuesdays – Students practice the Roots they are learning in a variety of activities.
  • Wednesdays – Students read a Short Story with root-focused vocabulary and answer Comprehension Questions.
  • Thursdays – Students continue practicing and writing sentences.

**Anchor Charts Packet**

The Anchor Charts Packet has all the content that you are teaching summarized in a page with definitions, examples, and word lists. Print the B & W charts for your students notebooks, and project the colorful slides to introduce your lessons!

These charts are a great addition to your Word Work plans!

Every Chart Includes:

  • Two root words
  • Definitions
  • Examples
  • Word Lists


*Full-Page B & W*

· Print this and add to your students’ Word Study Folders

· Create a Greek and Latin Roots Reference Binder

*Full-Page Color*

· Project these slides on the board weekly to teach the roots of the week

*Half-Page B & W*

· Cut these in half and have your students glue them in their Word Study Notebooks

**Assessments Packet**

The Assessments Packet includes 30 weeks of assessments in two difficulty levels. You already differentiate instruction! This resource allows you to accommodate your students’ assessments needs.


Level 1 – Meant for students who are near or on grade level.

Level 2 – Meant for students who would benefit from accommodations.


Level 1

· 10 Fill in the Blanks sentences (10 Words in Word Bank)

· Answer 5 Questions (Apply understanding of new vocabulary)

· Write 3 Sentences

Level 2 (*used interchangeably)

· Match 5 Words to Pictures

· 5 Fill in the Blanks sentences (With two word choices each.)

· *10 Make new words using Roots

· *5 Fill in the Blanks sentences (5 Words in Word Bank)

· *Write Sentences (With pictures and Suggested Words)


Week 1 – in, un

Week 2 – dis, mis

Week 3 – re, ex

Week 4 – sub, en

Week 5 – y, ly

Week 6 – er, est-

Week 7 – ier, iest

Week 8 – er, or

Week 9 – ian, ist

Week 10 – ment, less

Week 11 – ty, ity

Week 12 – ous, ious

Week 13 – ful, ness

Week 14 – dom, ship

Week 15 – cian, tian

Week 16 – uni, mono, bi

Week 17 – tri, dec

Week 18 – tion, sion

Week 19 – micro, super

Week 20 – able, ible

Week 21 – under, over

Week 22 – terr, hydro

Week 23 – tele, photo

Week 24 – pre, de

Week 25 – ate, ary

Week 26 – ize, ify

Week 27 – il, ir, im

Week 28 – ance, ence

Week 29 – al, ic

Week 30 – spec, port

Having the materials you need for your Word Study block takes a load off your shoulders. If you’ve been scrambling to figure out which roots to teach, when to teach each one, and how to give your students meaningful practice, give my resources a try.

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Anchor Charts


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