Wednesday, December 23, 2020

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Sight Word Practice Game: Snowman Squish!”

by Sara Ipatenco
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Thanks for downloading this freebie, by Sara Ipatenco! This game is a fun way for your students to practice their sight words. Place all the cards in a container. Students take turns drawing a card. If they can read the word on the card, they get to keep it. If they don’t know the word, they put it back in the container. If a student draws a “squish!!” card, he/she must put all his/her cards back into the container. The “squish!!” card gets put to the side. Once all the cards are drawn, the winner is the person with the most cards. I usually put my students in groups of 2 to 4 to play this game. Laminate the cards for extra durability. I also print them on cardstock so the images don’t show through the back of the card! I hope your students have fun practicing their sight words!!

Words included are: that, she, like, was, will, good, how, look, but, nice, made, then, when, ask, all, put, want, fun, their, here, name, left, hot, right, read, make, jump, this, with, mine, get, let, give, new, old, help, cold, what, fill, they, see, run, sleep, walk, yes, play, love, eat, not, write, why, how

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