Monday, November 16, 2020

Teacher Talk November 2020


 Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It's November Teacher Talk Time.....Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Time sure flies.  We have so many great tips and ideas for you from awesome educators. Be sure to take a look at what everyone has to say.

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Holiday Indulgence

The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re anything like me, you will indulge in the things you love to eat and drink. Of course, I’d rather eat than drink, but there are some delicious cocktails that I can’t resist. It’s tough when you have to get up the next morning feeling physically and mentally unfit to do anything.

Telling Our Stories

Easing into personal narrative writing for catharsis as well as instruction.

It's Up To You!

Yes, teachers, it IS up to you! The 2020 election brought different kinds of fears and tears to most, for different reasons. But one glaring term stood out: “uneducated.” I have something to say about that.

Using FREE Milk Lid Jug Lids for Hands-On Math Activities

Start saving milk jug lids because there are countless hands-on math activities you can do in your classroom using this free manipulative. In my latest blog post, I give you four ideas that can be used with a whole group, small groups or as math center activities.

Help with the Active and Passive Voice of Verbs

Using the Active Voice will make your writing more efficient and compelling.

How to Teach Grammar Skills So Kids Remember

Learn 3 easy tips to make your grammar lessons meaningful and fun. Increase student engagement and learning by adding simple grammar activities to enhance your grammar lessons.

When was the last time you took time for YOU?

You've been creating virtual lessons, implementing virtual rewards and discipline procedures, and possibly keeping up with in-class separation shenanigans, as well. It's overwhelming and not what you signed up for, right? Here are some ideas to help you relax and enjoy a small part of your day or week so you tell yourself that you are special (channeling Mr. Rogers here!)


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