Thursday, July 16, 2020

FREE MISC. LESSON - “The Answer for Students who Struggle in Listening to Directions”

by Southern Fried Teachin
3rd - 8th Grade

Listening to Directions | Students Not Listening to Directions

Do you have students that do not listen to directions?

Do you have students that ask a question not two minutes after you have JUST said it?

I did, and I was tired of my students choosing not to listen to my directions. So I came up with something that helped tremendously.

If a student asked a question that I had already answered, I would just go grab the poster from my white board and show them. I would also be really dramatic when I said it. "Oh no! I already answered that." And I wouldn't say anything else.

The students had to think about how to get their question answered. And the bonus....they started to listen to the directions more!

Eventually I barely had to use the poster. I loved it.

Hopefully it can help you in your own classroom!

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