Monday, December 30, 2019


Do you want ready-to-go text sets on a variety of topics to choose from? Then check my brand new Text Set MEGA BUNDLE on This item includes every current text set in my store. The bundled price has been set as low at TpT will allow (50% off) to make all my text sets affordable for teachers everywhere. The bundle includes both argumentative and informational text sets, though there are certainly more argumentative sets. This is the case as most states have placed a recent emphasis on argumentative writing (including counterclaims and rebuttals) within adopted standards as well as standardized testing.
In addition to the current items listed on the item page on TpT, your purchase of this set will allow you to access all future-created text sets that will be added to my store. When I add those sets, due to TpT’s pricing rules, the price of this mega bundle has to increase, so the price you see today will be the lowest it will ever be, and purchasing this bundle today means you’ll be receiving more text sets in the future (an average of one or two every couple of months). You’ll receive an e-mail notification from TpT every time a new set is added to this item, so you’ll never miss out!
You can view all the text sets currently included in this bundle on the item page, but be sure to view the multiple tabs/pages of items, as only the first several are immediately visible when first viewing this item.
*Note: several text sets, and all future sets, do include Google Docs file links.

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