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FREE MISC. LESSON - “100+ Free Lessons & Teaching Ideas By Teacher Talk - 2016”

by Victoria Leon
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Enjoy 100+ free lessons and teaching ideas from members of Teacher Talk who are a part of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative.

Teacher Talk members write educational blog posts each month. This free eBook contains all of the links of the 2016 Teacher Talk blog posts.

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January Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Let's Celebrate the Life of Martin Luther King Jr.
Start the New Year with Statistics, Probability, Line of Best Fit, & More!
The Waiting Wall
What's the Big Idea?
Getting Started with Math Stations- A 6-Part Series
The Most Wonderful Time...
5 Steps in Literacy Instruction
Books on Kindness
Is Your Writing a Shack or a Mansion? Part 1
Teaching Ideas for Martin Luther King Jr
Are Conventional Handwriting Formations Important?
Teacher Talk: Keep Writing Tasks on Track
Gifts of the New Year
Finding Balance & Doing the Fandango

February Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
The Proof is in the Pudding, Proof-Reading That Is!
Love is All We Need
IMWAYR: Funny Bones
Valentine's Day STEM Olympics
Cooperative Learning - Bring Core Subjects Together for Student Learning! What Word Does This Say: B-L-E-N-D?
Teaching Self-Regulation Skills to Elementary Age Children
My Funny Valentine: Love Letters by Arnold Adoff
Robots + Math & Science = Total Engagement
Playground Problem = Real Life
Understanding Fractions: A 6-Part Series
Leveled Math Assessments
Teacher Talk: Refresh your Second Semester
Cement Learning Terms & Concepts with Visuals!February Teacher Talk Blog Posts

March Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Lead Like a Girl
Let's Go Fly a Kite
Women's History Month
Pi Day is March 14th
Using Core Words Every Day
Fast-Paced Fractions
March Into Eggstravagant Math
Math Menus
Recharge Your Batteries!
Easter STEM Olympics
Zones of Regulation: Using Visuals for Feedback and Self-Regulation
If This Spells D-E-A-D How Do You Spell Head?

April Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
April is Poetry Month
Make a Splash in April
Scientific Method: Neglect & Regrets
Autism & Learning to Use a Public Restroom: Tips for Parents and Teachers More Core in Shared Reading for AAC Users
Don't Let the Pencil Craze Get to You!
Nothing Like Non-Fiction
Calculator Challenges
EdTech Tips: Google My Maps
8 Highly Effective Practices for Teaching Printing
Georgia, Poppies & Poetry
April ( Earth Day) Spring Love!

May Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
A Portfolio to Remember
Tips for Engaging Your Students Through the End of the Year Flash Freebie, TpT Milestone Celebration!
Are You Getting Overwhelmed the last few months of School? Can You Make 200 of Them?
Summer STEM Olympics
Wacky days in May and activities to go with them! Comprehension is as Easy as ABC
iPad Apps for Kids- a 6-Part Blog Series
What I Have Learned on TPT-Part 2

June Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
End of the Year Musings
A Portfolio to Remember - Part 2: Creating the Masks Summer Review Going Into Grade 2
But All You Do is Play!
Get out of Post-it Purgatory
More Than Just Art!
End of the School Year Ideas!
Math, Monet & Measurement

July Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Tackling Tough Issues
Summer Writing Ideas for your Children
The Art-Math Connection
5 Keys to STEM Challenge Success
Using Calendars: Number Fluency, Handwriting Skills, and Time Concepts How Do You Plan to Model AAC?
Battling Summer Boredom
The Beginner's Guide to Planning the First Weeks of School
No More Keywords: Using the Operation Situations to Help Students Analyze Word Problems

August Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Teaching Tolerance During this Election Season
Setting Up Your Classroom With Style
5 Teacher Must-haves for Back to School: Working on a Budget Back-to-School Ice Breaker
Using Productive Struggle to Promote a Growth Mindset
It's Back to School Time! Have fun with the Marshmallow Tower Project!Using Handwriting Without Tears to Teach Printing
Tips For Teaching The Presidential Election
What Happens When a Classroom Theme Drives Instruction?Establishing Morning Routines
Genuine Communication. Is There an app for that?
Preparing for early finishers
Trendy Brag Tags Influence Student Mindset

September Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Remembering 9/11
My Class Won't Stop Talking!
Creating Welcome Signs for Open House
Back to School Math Riddles
In Defense of the "Lazy" Teacher
How to Set Up Visual Supports for Whole Group Instruction
The 12 Days of Back to School
Reducing Pencil Issues in the Classroom
Top 10 Traits of an AAC Classroom
Let's Get Logical: Back to School Style

October Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Journals: From a Kid's Point of View
BOO-Tober Time for Sensory Poetry
Multiply the Fun
Make Math FUN this Halloween!
3 Ways for AAC Users to Get their Game Face On
Halloween STEM Challenge: Ghosts in the Graveyard
Pumpkin Themed Activities and Resources
Math Routines to Boost Student Achievement
Positive Behavioral Supports for PreK Classrooms
Setting Up Captivating Stations

November Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
Thanksgiving Recipe Swap
The Post Election Classroom
Make Math FUN this Thanksgiving!
Getting Started with Google Classroom
Thanksgiving STEM Challenge: Turkey Transporter
Teach your student how to have a productive discussion Understanding and Supporting Pencil Grasp Development: 3 - 6 years. Passion and Purpose: Bravery in a Broken World

December Teacher Talk Blog Posts:
A Celebration of Values
Election Musings in December
Make Math FUN this Christmas!
AAC From A to Z: A is for Aided Language Input
Keeping Your Students Engaged After a Vacation Break
Forging Connections By Studying Family
My Top Five Christmas Read Alouds
Four Quick Strategies to Check for Understanding
3 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Kids Moving for Math
An Existential Tug-of-War: Making Thinking Visible with Tuck Everlasting

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