Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Setting up an Elementary Classroom Book Club

 Book Club Starter Set

Book Club is an ELA activity that combines reading and discussion of "at level" books in an organized manner. Reading groups are determined by the student’s current reading levels and no more than six students are placed in each reading group to allow full participation by each member of the group. Modifications and adaptations can be made to make Book Club work in any classroom setting. Book Club was created to be used in grades 3rd-5th classrooms and was developed
with the help of a Reading Specialist.
This 23 slide set includes all you need to set up a Book Club in your Elementary classroom. The set includes:
-An explanation of what Book Club is
-Job Assignment explanations
-Worksheets for each Job Assignment
-Job Assignment Labels
-All documents in both an orange pattern print and in black/ white easy to print versions

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