Monday, January 14, 2019

Snail mail may not be the most popular means of communication, but it's not the Pony Express! I know it's not the most preferred way to send messages, especially by the younger generation, but there will come a time when it has to be used. I noticed that the simple task of addressing envelopes isn't something that students are very familiar with, if they know anything about it at all!
Sometimes I wonder if all of them even know their home addresses! Just like me and my cell phone number (which I must look up everytime someone asks me what it is), I don't know it because I don't
routinely say it or key it in.
Knowing one's address and how to send something via the post office are basic knowledge that everyone should have. Let's keep everyone a little safer and teach them these vital facts!

This product is perfect for kids in grades K-3. Not only will the students know their addresses and how to address an envelope, they will enjoy the fun "game" provided and make their own mailboxes.
There's even a homework option. I use this activity for our classroom Valentine Day exchange as well.

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