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FREE MATH LESSON - “2nd Grade Math Spiral Review Worksheet Warm Ups Morning Work Packets FREE WEEK”

by Paula's Primary Classroom
2nd Grade

Perfect for 2nd grade back to school morning work, warm ups or homework, this daily math resource will have your second grade students engaged in reviewing many math skills! It includes 5 pages, designed for early second grade, with all instructions and answer keys included, and each problem is labeled with CCSS for math! You'll love how easy it is to cover the CCSS for Math with this NO PREP resource and that there are links to video mini lessons for every page!

With this resource your students will:

  • Solve one step word problems with answers to 100 (no regrouping)
  • Practice addition and subtraction within 20
  • Count by 2's, 5's and 10's to find missing numbers
  • Identify numbers as odd or even
  • Identify numbers represented as groups of 100s, 10s and 1's, including sets of 100s
  • Work with standard and expanded form of 2 digit numbers
  • Add and subtract within 100 (no regrouping)
  • Mentally +10 and -10 within 200
  • Measure inches and centimeters
  • Find whole numbers up to 100 on a number line
  • Review time to the half hour
  • Count pennies and nickels, and pennies and dimes
  • Use repeated measurement to create / read line plots
  • Answer questions about bar graphs (up to 4 categories)
  • Identify and draw shapes
  • Divide rectangles and circles into halves and thirds.

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