Thursday, June 29, 2023

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Sleep Stages, Cycles, and Sleep Deprivation: AP Psychology/Brain Science Lesson”

by Stress Less with Susan
9th - 12th Grade

Use this lesson packet for your Biological Bases of Behavior units in A.P psychology or science.

If you want to teach about sleep deprivation and what it can do to you, use this freebie for an engaging lesson!

This worksheet corresponds with my web page about sleep stages, cycles, and what happens when you don't get any! You will learn about a radio DJ that was kept awake for a really, really, long time, on the air, in front of the public!

This is part of my Brain Science series. Each "bite-sized" lesson is written to be more fun and engaging than a text book and doesn't overwhelm students with too many details that go beyond the point of the particular lesson. Smaller chunks make it feel less overwhelming and are easier to remember!

Included in this resource is:

  • A link to the webpage that contains the text.
  • Review questions (multiple choice)
  • Answer Key


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